Life Insurance

A solid foundation of Life Insurance

The first insurance policy ever sold by Dick Fournier was Life Insurance in 1977.  Our first client was Dick’s childhood friend and classmate from Montesano High.  Life Insurance is the foundation of our company.  We also believe it is a piece of your family’s financial plan and preparation.

A sound financial strategy can be built on a foundation of Life Insurance.  Life Insurance can help you fulfill your promises to the people you care about by providing an additional financial resource when they need it most.

It is important to assess the financial needs of your family or business in order to determine the appropriate type and amount of coverage.  A FiS financial planner can help you quickly determine the most appropriate product to meet your needs.

We offer……

· Permanent Life Insurance
· Term Life Insurance
· Annuities
· Disability Insurance

We understand the process of purchasing Life Insurance can be confusing and difficult.  We strive to hold your hand in this process to understand and help you reach your goals of protection.

This is done person to person via a conversation that will address future needs.

We respect our clients and their willingness to prepare now for their future.

What they Say About Us

…It has been an absolute pleasure dealing with you (Fournier). I know that this has been a lot of extra work, and yet I’ve constantly been provided prompt, professional and very friendly service.
I am a big fan of Fournier Insurance Solutions due to the superb service provided.
Robert B.

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  • The first insurance policy ever sold by Dick Fournier was life insurance in 1977. Our first client was Dick’s child hood friend and classmate at Montesano High. Life insurance is the foundation of our company. read more...

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